17 Mar 2019

I haven't written anything here in just over a year because I've had to take a break from making art. The break has given me time to leave the craziness of the past almost-decade behind. I was studying art, my mind was in the clouds and I think I forgot what 'it' was a...

2 Mar 2018

18th January I went for a walk down the cycle path behind my home.
It's a walk that always calms my soul in times of emotional turmoil.
It takes me past the site of my old school, past big trees and exhausted memories.

I spotted a hole in the fence and climbed through...

2 Dec 2017

So, my and Adam John Wilson's joint exhibition at Queen's House has finished. It has been such an intense experience, it kinda thew me, but now I'm trying to plan my next steps. Big thanks to everyone at the CreativeENRG project, especially Gill Hobson, for this great...

7 Nov 2017

At the start of our year as City of culture I went to see the "We Are Hull" multimedia presentation in Victoria Square. I'm not the type to be swayed too easily by jingoism and I never allow myself to be overcome by mass hysteria but I definitely felt a swell of emotio...

13 Oct 2017

It's been a bit of a mad week but the show is ready. I made this VLog the night before:

I also made a short video of the Queen's House space just before we finished setting it up:

Thanks again to ENRGHull for this great opportunity.

We'll be open 11am - 4pm Wednesdays, T...

4 Sep 2017

Some great skies adding a little drama to the estate.

I've been going for a little walk every morning down the cycle track for some tree therapy.

Usually stop to take nuts and seeds on the new deity.


The other day I stopped to look in the dike and saw lots of...

24 Aug 2017

Haven't been able to make a video log regarding my new drawing as I haven't been up to it. I've had some tests done and need a few more to try to get to the bottom of what it is that ails me. It's been the most difficult few months of my life.

Expect a video fairly soon...

7 Aug 2017

Ah well, I turned 47 while writing this.

I used to worry about getting old. Having my health and looks stripped from me.

But these days time has lost all meaning.

I am suspended from a rope.

I'm not waiting for it to break, I just am.

Eating beans from the ca...

26 Jun 2017

Time for a major moan. 

I've been ill for a few decades, for most of my life, really. When it's bad I can hardly do anything, I just have to take it easy. My mind goes. I can't think. My body aches. I have to go to the loo every hour. Constant migraines and puking. 

In m...

23 May 2017

My health's been really bad over the past few months so I haven't made a huge amount of art.

My hands have been blistered and cracked and stiff....and stuff... so drawing has been tricky and painting impossible.

Last week I bought a banjo which I hope to learn to play th...

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