Sacred Monotony - a large drawing of a most humdrum scene on the Bricknell Council estate. I chose this spot for its ordinariness - for its embodiment of the essence of the esate. I added imagery of a fantastical nature, at odds with the everyday life of this peaceful place. The drawing, once digitised, may be viewed as a 360 degree photosphere. The application wraps the drawing around in a seemless loop and you may pan and tilt your view from a fixed spot. The photosphere, unlike the drawing itself, may be experienced by anyone anywhere in the world, providing they have an internet connection and a suitable device. At the top to the left is the drawing as it was made on a flat piece of paper. To the left in the middle is the drawing within Google's Photosphere application - drag the image around to alter the perspective. Finally, at the bottom, is a video and soundtrack I made for the drawing.

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