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August 24, 2017

Haven't been able to make a video log regarding my new drawing as I haven't been up to it. I've had some tests done and need a few more to try to get to the bottom of what it is that ails me. It's been the most difficult few months of my life.


Expect a video fairly soon though.


I've been going on a few walks around the estate and I've found myself wanting to get back into painting. Not sure if this is a good or a bad sign. I went for a walk through the fields at the top of the estate and I was amazed at how they'd changed since my last visit. The steps and the path up the hill have become completely overgrown and impassable. I've walked around here for decades and have never seen it like this.


The place looked pretty though. The wooded areas were looking especially nice--I almost forgot I was in suburban Hull. These are actually the last remnants of ancient field systems which once stretched for miles around here. As I've said before, I have found these exact field boundaries on a medieval map. On my way across the field I began to muse on the fact that this would once have been part of a busy dairy farm and I stopped and turned to look back at the estate. It seemed more distant than ever.


I'd seen this view hundreds of times down the years but today it somehow seemed special. The vastness of the sky and the quiet redundancy of the pasture, long empty of cattle. The clear line of brick that delineates the end of the estate and the beginning of the scrubby fields--what remains of the old farm. This scene began to tickle my painter's itch. Tart the sky up a bit and you're closing in on Turner territory. The claustrophobia of the enclosed fields... civilisation slowly eating away at the old ways like a cancer. Brick snarls at tree. The heavens above. I have to stop this.


But as I carried on with my walk the paintings just kept on coming.










I've been walking down the cycle path too. There's lots of scenes I'd like to paint here. I watched Fake or Fortune the other day and they were investigating a Constable painting. It reminded me I once had an ambition to be a great painter, or at least to make one great painting before I die.
















The Setting Dike marks the southern boundary of the estate. I discovered in my research for a university project that this too is medieval. I even found the names of engineers commissioned to dredge and enlarge it during the times of the enclosures in the 18th century.





I thought this looked like some abstract prehistoric deity. Maybe he can be the new estate god. A stupid meaningless postmodern god.



I love this place but I also want to transcend it and painting it seems easier than leaving. For now at least.














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