Let's paint the shit out of this

May 23, 2017

My health's been really bad over the past few months so I haven't made a huge amount of art.


My hands have been blistered and cracked and stiff....and stuff... so drawing has been tricky and painting impossible.


Last week I bought a banjo which I hope to learn to play this summer.




I've recorded a song that I'm sort of happy with. The guitars are minimal due to my hands and there's a lot of synth stuff in there. Plus vocals of course. Probs a good thing considering I'm shit at guitar. Then again I'm also shit at singing and keyboards too.


Remember, Matty: NE1 can b a Sex Pistol.


The song's called Altered Estates and it's about my life here on the estate. Gonna have a bash at making a video to go with it for YouTube this week. When I make videos I usually just shoot a load of crap and then mash it up. I don't plan or write a storyboard or anything. My only ideas for this one involve me walking backwards and discovering certain numbers written in certain places on the streets of the estate. I think I'd like a butterfly in there too somewhere. A crappy paper one.


I'm planning a new drawing. I have to construct a bespoke drawing board for it because it's going to be so big. I bought some extremely fine professional art paper for it which cost £150 for 10 metres. The paper will be worth more than the art. I've always been a fan of the absurd. I'm going to bolt together some loft panels to make this leviathan of a drawing board and stick it in my studio.


Oh yeah, I've also just created a new studio. It is actually my back bedroom which I stripped of all stuff including carpets. I sanded and varnished the floorboards, painted the walls etc and it's looking great. A blank canvas, if you will. I'll do a video of it soon.


I've invested in 25 quality drawing pens for the project. I've spent a fortune getting ready for this one and I'm now literally broke. I hope some day it pays off because, to be honest, I'm sick of struggling. There's nothing romantic about being a struggling artist.


The drawing itself has been planned. It will be created to be viewed within a virtual reality headset or photosphere app. I'm going to include medieval religious imagery--tortured souls and such--and have it all set within my favourite corner of the housing estate.


So everything is in place.


This time two years ago I was installing my degree show. I was halfway to completing my "VR" painting which you can see on my home page.


Here's me literally two years ago to the day, valiantly battling to get it done:


And here I am a little later, slumped in a corner installing the show:



I managed to finish the work for our degree show with hours to spare. Then a mad rush getting the image photographed and implemented within my Google Cardboard headset.


It feels appropriate, even fated, that I should be starting a new one now. I've come a long way in two years. Or have I? I dunno. I'm still far from realising my dream of becoming a self-sufficient artist. I'm still poor and I'm unemployed. Unemployable, perhaps. But I'm excited by my work. The space between my last big painting and now has been filled with an immense amount of thinking and hard work. I've found new ways of drawing and my research has helped me pick up psychic leads which were dropped for me 100 years ago by a great artist-occultist.


Nothing is forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten.


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