My Life With Jim Morrison

February 25, 2017



Had lots of funny little synchronicities lately and I'm not talking about Sting. I think it was Jung who said that when you go thru periods of increased synchronicity it's actually the universe telling you that you're on the right path. Like, I was drawing occultists and artists who used Crowleyan magick and all of a sudden all of my podcasts started talking about Crowley! It freaked me out but also spurred me on on what I had begun to think was a doomed project. So today I was on my way to a programme I'd been referred to by the Job Centre. It's called InspireMe or something and it's supposed to inspireme to turn my life around. I bumped into Bekah on the way and I was laughing with her about the fact that I'm drowning in inspiration right now. Inspiration is not what I need. What I need is fucking money. She also asked me for a print of my Baphomet/Clefairy drawing. Afterwards I was checking the old books in a shop while listening to the Doors and I spotted John Densmore's book about Jim Morrison. I'd been thinking about doing a big painting of Jim emphasising his interest in the occult and shamanism. Cool. Next to it was The Head of God, a book about the Templars with the titular head being BAPHOMET, a deity the Templars were alleged to have worshipped -- also something which has been coming up again and again in all my research. I took the books out of the shop and put them on a bench beside a frail old lady. As I rummaged for a bag to put the books in the old lady began rasping something at me. I bent down to try and hear what she was saying ... "Templars...Templars..." She was having trouble speaking and combined with my terrible tinnitus I just couldn't make it out... except for "Templars". I said they were a mysterious order of knights who were persecuted for their heretical beliefs and she nodded and went quiet. It kind of weirded me out a little and I've no idea what she was trying to tell me. What does it all mean? Whatever the fuck I want it to.

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