January 18, 2017

Finally managed to finish a new drawing. I've called it Baphairy. It mixes elements of the Pokemon Clefairy and Baphomet. I struggled making this image. The initial idea came easily enough. I wanted to juxtapose occult symbology with a cute and innocuous Pokemon. I chose Clefairy because it is, in my opinion, one of the cutest.


I chose Baphomet because it is pretty fucking creepy and has an interesting history. It was first mentioned in the medieval period as a dark deity by chroniclers. The Knights Templar were subsequently accused of worshipping  it. But, hey, you can throw pretty much any ridiculous accusation against those dudes these days.


I chose the classic illustration of Baphomet made by 19th century occultist Eliphas Levi. This image is rich in hermetic occult symbolism, the primary maxim of which is "as above, so below." The goat points upwards towards a white moon and down towards a black moon. It has both male and female characteristics. The caduceus sits between its legs. Solve (break down) and Coagula (join together) are written on its arms, referring to ideas used in alchemy.

The ultimate goal of this philosophy is the accomplishment of the Great Work, the unity of the spiritual and the physical. As above, so below.


This has significance in my life right now and it has had a growing relevance in my art. I'm struggling to forge a path towards a more spiritual existence. I'm battling to find a way out of the swamp that is my life and to make my creative work pay my bills. My life has descended into chaos and I'm struggling to make order from this chaos.


But I think that the drawing is OK. It's kinda striking and it embodies the absurdity I see in existence and also in the pursuit of eastern mysticism and "magick" by the likes of Mi5 intelligence agents such as Crowley.


And I do still love Pokemon. It's so pointless and cute and COMPULSIVE.



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