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Already gone.

This song was playing in a supermarket recently and then again in a garden centre, which I thought had to be significant. Funny what happens when you sing "it's a wonderful life" in a minor chord. Bittersweet. He's dead now and it's as if he was encapsulating the freedom and creativity of the 80s and of being young but from a point in the future when it's already gone. That's why it's more powerful for me listening to it now. Back in 87 it was just another nice pop song that got in the way of cooler new wave stuff on Top of the Pops. It was never a song of its time. It was more of a time capsule for the future. You'll never get what you think you want in this life, and if you do it will end up being a curse. But it often takes decades to realise this. And most often, when you do, it's too late. This was in the top ten in 1987 around the time I was taking up my position as salesperson at Dixons Ltd. Those days haunt me. They were pretty dark. Not the darkest though. Those are yet to come.

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